Ocean Politics and Policy by Peter Jacques

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  • E-book Title: Ocean Politics and Policy
  • Author: Peter Jacques
  • Category: Academic
  • Date: June 2003
  • Lenguage: English
  • Epub Pages: unknown
  • ISBN: 1576076237

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Description of the ebook:

A sweeping overview of the issues, politics, and insurance policies of worldwide and home administration of the world’s oceans. We have polluted the land. We have polluted the air. And now we’re polluting the oceans. But all will not be misplaced. This distinctive new reference work supplies a broad understanding of the advanced worldwide issues of ocean administration and provides viable options and instructions for the longer term. The world ocean is among the most vital international sources. Without it most life on earth wouldn’t survive as a result of the ocean supplies temperature regulation and produces oxygen, amongst different important features. However, this life-sustaining useful resource faces harmful threats from over fishing, industrial wastes, oil air pollution, and lack of biodiversity. Ocean Politics and Policy covers the key kinds of air pollution, deep sea-bed mining, worldwide jurisdictional disputes, and piracy, inspecting the underlying causes for these issues and offering sensible coverage solutions for decreasing their affect. Special focus is positioned on historic and modern ocean legal guidelines, from the idea of “freedom of the seas” to the 2001 Fishery Stock Agreement. Solving the issues dealing with the World Ocean needs to be a excessive precedence for the worldwide neighborhood, and this e-book supplies a beginning place for this course of. much less ABC-CLIO ; June 2003 283 pages;

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