The Wind In My Wheels by Josie Dew

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  • E-book Title: The Wind In My Wheels
  • Author: Josie Dew
  • Category: Travel
  • Date: August 2012
  • Lenguage: English
  • Epub Pages: unknown
  • ISBN: 9781405519687

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Description of the ebook:

As a younger lady, Josie Dew developed an overwhelming urge to journey. She additionally fell out of a fast-moving car and, fairly inconveniently, developed a lifelong aversion to automobiles. Along got here her first bicycle, and he or she has by no means seemed again. Four continents, thirty-six nations and eighty thousand miles value of astounding adventures, eccentric characters, different cultures and ever-enduring optimism are the results of her travels. From Saharan locust invasions to tree-climbing goats, and a customs official who would not let her go away India as a result of ‘You are making me a really superb spouse’, her encounters are described with honesty, wit and notion. Strange incidents and weird circumstances punctuate her journeys: in Nepal she met a workforce of Frenchmen operating from Paris to China, and a bike owner on his manner from one Olympic Games to the following. In Udaipur she was greeted by everybody with the chorus ‘Hello Mr. Jamie Bond Octopussy filmed right here’, while her view of post-Ceausescu Romania, a nation struggling and ravenous, affected her each bodily and mentally. THE WIND IN MY WHEELS is informative, illuminating, and ceaselessly amusing

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